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Making the Moon with Caroline Arnecke To see more of Caroline’s…

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“Mom, I want you to make the moon.” A simple request from Caroline Arnecke’s (@meadowceramics) 2-year-old daughter inspired the lunar creations that have become the most sought after pieces by the Danish ceramicist. Caroline made her first moon last October while she and her daughter were playing with clay — something they do often, along with gazing at the night sky. “If it’s a full moon, we will go out in the middle of the night and just sit there and look at the moon. It’s a part of our lives naturally and that has been integrated into my work.” Caroline says her daughter has first dibs on her pieces: “If I have to ship orders, she will just go over, and always take a look, and then say, ‘Oh, that’s so pretty, Mom. Thank you. Thank you.’ And then she just takes things to her room.”