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@maggiewhereyouat: A True Underdog Finds a Forever Home To…

By April 5, 2016 No Comments

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Hello, Instagram! It’s time for your dose of #WeeklyFluff. Given the story of Maggie (@maggiewhereyouat) and her human associate, photographer Naomi Harris, divine intervention seems possible. While road tripping across Canada, Naomi picked up a hitchhiker on his way home to an Indian reservation. There, a bedraggled pup waddled over, and Naomi had to help. “I got some scissors, and when I went to cut the first bits of fur, she went belly up, saying, ‘Do what you’ve got to do.’” Naomi took her new pal to the Humane Society, where she received a big surprise: Maggie was pregnant. Soon after she gave birth to her puppies, a generous woman flew Maggie to Naomi in New York. “After she took a minute to recognize me, she went ballistic,” Naomi says. “That’s how she greets me all the time now.” Over the last five years, plus a move to LA, the two have become inseparable. They travel the country, hike every day and even attend events like movies (Maggie didn’t like Whiplash) and art galleries (security guards love her). “She changed my life, that’s for sure,” Naomi says.