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Londone Myers is Making Room on the #RunwayForAll Every day…

By June 2, 2016 No Comments

Every day this week, we’ll be sharing the story of a model who is redefining industry standards and making sure there’s room on the #RunwayForAll. To learn more about Londone’s life, follow @londonemyers on Instagram.

“#RunwayforAll means living in a world without color,” says Londone Myers (@londonemyers), who is from Georgia and lives in New York City. “Growing up, it was so hard to relate to the Cindy Crawfords and Christy Turlingtons,” she says. “It’s great to no longer see so many models of color with straightened hair. Can you imagine if white models were made to perm their hair to achieve a completely different texture for every single shoot? Finally society is embracing us for how we are naturally.” Londone has come a long way from her days of being bullied in school. “I was super insecure about my wide-set, mostly buck teeth,” she says. “@aggy_deyn and @lindseywixson taught me to just be myself. A model should be more of a force than a person.”