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“#hellomynameis Jordan Younger (thebalancedblonde). I’m 25 years old and live in Los Angeles, California. I started a blog, The Blonde Vegan, to document my vegan journey when I was in college. Years later, I decided to pursue my blog full time, and I simultaneously experienced a lot of health problems like low energy, hair loss, really bad skin and anxiety — mainly anxiety about food. I stumbled upon the word orthorexia, which means an obsession with pure, healthy, clean foods from the earth and a fear and avoidance of anything that doesn’t fall under that category. That sounded like me.

I knew I had to give myself more variety and let go of ‘The Blonde Vegan’ label, allowing myself to evolve and change and listen to my body and my heart. I wanted to pick a name that would last no matter what; it became clear to me that ‘The Balanced Blonde’ was everything that I was trying to be. Finding balance is a process and you’re allowed to have off days. I don’t think it’s as important to strive for a ‘perfect’ state of recovery where you never look back. Nothing’s perfect, and you just want to be happy as often as possible. That’s what balance really means to me.” #EDAwarenessWeek