Building Your Community

How Does Method Growth Work?

Check out our Instagram How it works video
we apply the same strategy to all social platforms


Item No.

01. Who is your target demographic?

  • After you complete the trial sign up you enter your password. Why? because we are REAL people interacting with REAL people on your behalf. We do not buy followers or send likes. A dedicated account manager runs your growth day to day.
  • Then enter information on who you want to target. The more information you provide the easier it is for us. What are there interests? Behaviors? Age? etc!
  • Also note any synergistic pages or competitors as we can target their followings too!
Item No.

02. What’s next?

  • You maintain your current Instagram activity, such as posting daily.
  • We then begin to engage the community you’ve outlined by systematically following and unfollowing. So yes your followings will go up & down. For every follow we are concurrently unfollowing someone else. We never touch anything you manually do during our growth campaign.
  • Also we place secondary emphasis on building up your engagement, by interacting with your current followers to get them to like and comment on your posts.
Item No.

03. Worried about your personal feed?

  • You might see people now on your feed that you haven’t seen before and visually their pages might not be spot on, but guess what those are your customers.
  • Your customers more than likely won’t have the best feeds, but they will buy your products. Also your Instagram is for business purposes and this is part of the process.
  • We set a specific unfollow timeline and anyone you manually add during the process remains as well as your original followings.
Remember it’s not a vanity contest, your purpose is to connect and grow and you can’t do that if you’re worried about how many followings you have or what your followers feed looks like.
 The importance of building a community that in turn becomes loyal is far more important than the vanity aspect, the brands that get that are the ones that are successful, trust the process.