Leaping for Joy with Trampoline Enthusiast @junktramp

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J.R. Coles (@junktramp) committed to leaping as a lifestyle in a big way after discovering trampolining a year ago at a gym over an hour away from his family’s home in Fullerton, California. “My whole life I’d wanted to do a back flip,” he says. “With encouragement, I did my first flip at 39.” J.R. was so hooked he decided to build his own backyard rig out of used materials he bought online; the investment has been well worth it. “I use it every day. My younger son is nonverbal autistic. He’s 16, and it’s something we can all do together because there’s no strategy required,” he explains. “When we have lots of people over he actually comes out and joins us.” J.R. emphasizes that everyone’s life would improve from more leaping: “I’ve seen people in their 90s do it. It’s easy and fun and a good way to stay in shape that’s not tedious like running or weightlifting,” he says. “Now, I can’t wait to get home and try a new trick.” #LeapYear