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This week, Twitter was packed with activities and brand campaigns, not to mention all the virtual parties that ruled the social network. We had Kohl’s hosting a live Oscar party on Periscope in between the Oscar commercials – genius! Speaking of which, we also have the best brand Tweets from #Oscars2016 and #WorldBookDay. To finish off, we have a few Twitter Trends that were doing the rounds this week. So sit tight, and get ready for some social media razzle dazzle.

How Kohls hosted a live Oscar party on Periscope

The Academy Awards were the main source of entertainment for many across the globe, and no doubt there was a strong correlation between TV and Twitter on that day. They even wrote a blog on how the Oscars unfolded on Twitter. So when Kohl’s decided to host a “Live Oscar Party” in between the commercials, we were intrigued.
In a prime example of how to engage the viewer on their “second screen”, the department store enlisted comedian and actor Vanessa Bayer to host casual infomercials on Periscope. Kohl’s wanted to engage with their viewers on an emotional level, and as one of the big moments about Oscars is about the “thank-you speeches”, Kohl’s wanted to make this about gratitude.
Using the hashtag #AllTheGoodStuff, Kohl’s encouraged Twitter users to send personalised thank you messages to whoever they wish – a parent, perhaps. And then used Periscope to read out these thank-you messages.


With TV and Twitter going hand-in-hand so well, we’re sure to see brands take advantage of the second-screen.


Moving on from Kohls’ Oscar Party to the real Oscar party! We, of course, had brands taking the utmost advantage of this big event. This is how they celebrated on Twitter – we list the best of them.






Unsurprisingly, most of them were about the man of the moment, Leonardo Di Caprio.


Yesterday, the 3rd of March was World Book Day, and it was a great moment on Twitter where brands, authors and other Twitter users were Tweeting about their favourite books, bookshops or how their kids dressed up as their favourite literary character.
Twitter Books, which is a Twitter account devoted to literature and books even hosted a Q&A session on Periscope.


We couldn’t help but showcase the best of brand Tweets.







As if an Oscar party wasn’t enough, Twitter yesterday decided to have a #GIFParty to celebrate their recent announcement about adding GIF search to the site and mobile search.
Needless to say brands loved the GIF keyboard.







And In Other News –

– If you missed this brilliant reply by Burger King to McDonalds’ outdoor advertisement, we recommend you don’t waste any more time and click here to see the best ad of the week.

– Apple have never been big on Twitter. They might have a Twitter account, but have never tweeted. So it came as a bit of a surprise to us when we noticed that Apple have a customer service channel on Twitter now! They’ve wasted no time in getting down to business, In under 24 hours they have already racked up 2000 Tweets.

– This one shows the power of Twitter in bringing change. A single Tweet by – presumably – a Whole Foods shopper – made the organic supermarket chain change their fruit packaging. A Twitter user posted an image of peeled oranges in plastic containers, bemoaning the fact that it’s a shame Whole Foods decided to waste so much plastic instead of keeping oranges in their natural form – with the peel on.

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