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@kimkeever2’s Unpredictable Acts of Beauty To see more of Kim’s…

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Paint meets water — and the unpredictable result is Kim Keever’s (@kimkeever2) art. “I have no real control,” the New York City-based artist explains. “I can drop different colors in different places. But after that, it’s really anybody’s guess what’s going to happen, because I certainly don’t know.” Kim originally studied to become a thermal engineer, but he’s devoted the last 20 years to creating mesmerizing otherworldly scenes in tanks, some as large as 200 gallons (760 liters). The inspiration for his work comes from a childhood memory of his father adding instant milk to water. “He’d pour the milk in, and it would make such beautiful clouds,” Kim recalls. “The milk tasted horrible, but I got that beautiful visual experience before I drank the milk.”