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Juggling a Full-Time Job (Literally) with Josh Horton To see…

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Juggling a Full-Time Job (Literally) with Josh Horton

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Nearly two decades before Josh Horton (@jugglinjosh) became one of the most followed jugglers, he joined the circus club at his elementary school. “My favorite thing about juggling is the challenge. It’s just you against yourself,” says 26-year-old Josh, who quit his day job in social media a year ago to start juggling full time in Los Angeles, California.

Josh began to realize juggling was his calling, and he found a niche in sporting events. He has performed at basketball games, baseball games and even on NFL Network. But in addition to these high-profile performances, producing video is very important. “I do halftime shows where I’m in front of 10,000 people, but I can post a video and reach more people than that,” Josh says. “It’s pretty incredible.” #WorldJugglingDay