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Jennifer Medina’s Pink and Purple Paradise To see more of…

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To see more of Jennifer’s pink and purple world, check out @lulannie on Instagram. For more music stories, head to @music.

A quick lesson from the playbook of Jennifer Medina (@lulannie): If you don’t like the way the world looks, change your perspective. The Venezuelan-born photographer and musician prefers to avoid the drab browns and grays of life and instead see things in notes of pink and purple. (Which, by the way, do you know how many wonderfully named shades of pink and purple there are? There’s lavender. And orchid. And rose. And watermelon. And taffy. The list goes on and on…)

Jennifer has been tinting her portrait work since she began taking pictures as a teenager. “I wish life was more colorful like that, ya know?” she says over the phone from New York. Meanwhile, she has also been making moves in the music world, with her ambient duo Dream Girl, and atmospheric instrumental project Lulannie (“Lula” = the name of a British magazine she used to read; “Annie” is from “Annie Laurie,” a song by her favorite band, The Radio Dept.). Jennifer first learned to play songs on an instrument known as the cuatro. Then when she moved to Florida from Venezuela with her family at the age of 15, she switched to the guitar. But the transition to America proved tough.

“I got bullied a lot because I didn’t speak English,” she says, about her time in school in the US. “And everyone else was into Spanish music and dressing like that. I was different. I would, like, wear a blazer.”

Luckily Jennifer’s grade school experience didn’t destroy her colorful disposition or approach to photography and music. With the latter, she’s been taking a much more visual approach, writing and directing videos with every song she puts out. “When I listen to songs, I like to envision a story in my head or a movie scene,” she says, pointing to a recent video, “Alegria,” as the perfect example. The final version features Jennifer, staring into the camera, describing her emotions, while another woman dances on a side table next to her. You can probably guess the video’s color palette.

—Instagram @music