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It’s Romance and Rebellion for Photographer @tasneemalsultan To…

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As a woman born in the US to Saudi parents, Tasneem Alsultan (@tasneemalsultan) often felt like an outsider — someone not fully embraced by or comfortable in the cultures that shaped her. “I was a third culture kid,” Tasneem, 30, says of her formative years. “I didn’t react to things the same way my parents did, but I also didn’t look like what many people think of as a typical American. It took me a long time to be OK with that.” Today, Tasneem’s photography ranges from spontaneous, joy-filled wedding portraits to more recent documentary work on the private lives of Saudi women. All of her pictures are filtered through a sensibility born from one abiding hope: that she can capture what unites diverse cultures, rather than what divides them. “In my photography, I am trying to mediate between worlds,” Tasneem says. “It’s a kind of activism. I’m rebelling against stereotypes by portraying people, and especially women and girls, as they really are.”