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Inside @otntty’s Workshop: Finding Something Special in…

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Inside @otntty’s Workshop: Finding Something Special in Simplicity

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(This interview was conducted in Japanese.)

The white ceramics Tetsuya Otani (@otntty) creates look simple and orthodox, but for Tetsuya, there is more to his modest and clean designs than what meets the eye: “When I make pottery, I want people to feel its uniqueness by taking a whole collection of my work and looking at them as one big package,” the potter explains. “I try to leave room for wide margins so that they create beautiful contrasts when the food or flowers are mounted.” At his workshop in Japan’s Hyogo prefecture, Tetsuya shares images of his finished products, as well as snippets of his creative process — so the items feel much more personal to the people who take them home. “Through these photos of my workplace and food served on my dishes, I hope that people will get a sense of how I approach my work and my life.”