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‘I’m a Storyteller’: A Look Inside Rapper YG’s ‘Still Brazy’…

By July 1, 2016 No Comments

‘I’m a Storyteller’: A Look Inside Rapper YG’s ‘Still Brazy’ Exhibit

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For his second album Still Brazy, YG (@yg) wanted more than just a fierce account of the Los Angeles streets –– he wanted to bring it to life. Enter the Still Brazy pop-up exhibit, complete with a mock police lineup, backyard BBQ and appearances by the Compton-bred rapper himself. “That’s the type of artist I am. I’m a storyteller,” he says. Also at the event were items from his new streetwear brand, 4hunnid (@4hunnid), which looks to reverse the appropriation YG consistently sees in the fashion world. “I am bringing something different to the table because there ain’t never really been no rap dude from the streets of L.A. who had a successful clothing line, you feel me?” But don’t mistake his current success as the finish line. As he tells @music, “We still have a lot to accomplish, so I ain’t celebrating. We haven’t won the championship yet.”

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