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#ILoveDeadPool’s Personalised Videos And Yarny Goes On A Trip

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Twitter Trends
Another week of social media campaigns! We love looking to Twitter to see how brands are utilising the social platform to optimise their campaigns. We have the team behind Deadpool personalising videos for fans, Clinique UK challenging Twitter users to bold tasks, and a tiny Valentine Day campaign by Air France India. Stay tuned for this and more Twitter Trends!


Personalised video campaigns on Twitter have come of age! Personalised video marketing platform EchoMany, who were responsible for the #PizzaPoetry campaign by Pizza Express that we featured last week, is now helping 20th Century Fox deliver personalised DeadPool movie trailer for fans.
All fans have to do is Tweet using the #ILoveDeadPool ahead of the movie release to get a personalised trailer.



Tim Redgate

Tim Redgate, Co-founder, EchoMany

Tim Redgate, Co-founder, EchoMany told us how personalised Twitter videos drives higher engagement.

“We know that video drives higher engagement on social than any other format but by personalising this content, in real-time and at scale, we have seen Twitter engagement at 10-15x the average rate. We are already working with clients and creative agencies to develop new formats that can take that personalisation to the next level.”

EA Unravels A Journey Across London

To celebrate the launch of their adorable new game, Unravel, EA took the game’s mascot Yarny on a trip around London to see all the sights. This ties in with the game’s adventure theme, while also engaging with many influential brands, cultural touchpoints, and publishers. It added a lot of personality to a totally new character, a vital distinction to make in a competitive gaming market which is often dominated by heritage titles.


Yarny visited football clubs, appeared in TV studios, played Xbox, indulged in pizza and even had breakfast at the cereal bar. The campaign drove thousands of Tweets, coincided with hundreds of extra followers to the @ElectronicArts account, and culminated in a trip to Wembley Stadium followed by a tube ride home. The real time power of Twitter meant that this campaign captured the feeling of a journey, as we watched it

Air France #FlyWithLove

We couldn’t help but put this one in. Valentine’s Day is around the corner, after all! Air France India is asking Twitter users to Tweet why they’d love to fly to Paris for a chance to win two tickets to the City of Lights.

Air France is also giving a 14% discount on flights to those who participate.

And In Other News:

– This Vine pretty much sums up the #SB50 performance by Beyonce. Enjoy!

– In one of our favourite experiments, Tesco actually matched couples based on what they had in their grocery shopping baskets. Love in the supermarket aisles!