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@hummingbirdsxoxo: A Backyard Bird Paparazzo To see more of…

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@hummingbirdsxoxo: A Backyard Bird Paparazzo

To see more of Tracy’s hummingbird photos and videos, follow @hummingbirdsxoxo on Instagram.

A real-life Cinderella lives in Livermore, California. Her name is Tracy Johnson (@hummingbirdsxoxo) and she hand feeds birds — hummingbirds specifically. For at least half an hour every day, Tracy hangs out in her backyard with handheld hummingbird feeders and waits for her friends — Flash, Merlin, Valentino and others — to pay her a visit. If her timing is right, she takes pictures. “I’m total hummingbird paparazzi,” says Tracy. “I really think they look at me and go, ‘Oh, there’s that girl again with her click-click and talking.’” Tracy admits that for every 100 photos, 15 are in focus. She takes video with her phone to record the buzz of the birds’ racing wings, switching to slo-mo sometimes to capture behavior she misses in real time. “The birds are so freaking fast,” she says. “They just come in, they eat, they go away.”