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Human, Honest and Humorous Things with @jhnmclghln To explore…

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Human, Honest and Humorous Things with @jhnmclghln

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Multidisciplinary artist John McLaughlin (@jhnmclghln) identifies with the hair he often depicts in animations, sketches and paintings. “I never like doing one thing or settling on one medium,” says John, who lives in New York. “I feel like hair can do the same: If it wants to curl one way one day and wave that way the next, it will.”

John’s fascination with furry textures and his experiments with 3-D programs led to the creation of a reoccurring character — Fuzzy Dude — who has been known to make appearances, whether meeting up with Cleo the Bunny (@cleo_thebunny) or hanging out with models during New York Fashion Week. “Everything I see, touch and smell inspires me,” says John. “I gravitate toward human, honest and humorous things.”