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How to Use Story to Create Your Most Successful Self

By June 20, 2016 No Comments

Michael Hyatt_InstagramGo Big or Go Home

Are you brave enough to leave a successful career to follow your passions? What if it meant leaving the high office of CEO? How about doing it all at the age of 55?

Michael Hyatt did just that. He left his position of CEO at Thomas Nelson Publishers, and he went on to create and run a now multi-million dollar organization providing valuable resources and services to the high achievers of business and life. He is a publishing magnate, virtual mentor, and New York Times best-selling author.

Michael shares with us his vast life experience, his thoughts on career counselors and mentors, and how to be authentic. Most importantly, he highlights his tips on how to build your own ambitious story leading you to a big and bright future.

Simply put, Michael says, “I really believe story is important.” (highlight to tweet)

In This Episode

  • What it means to follow your passions and still make money
  • How to craft a positive story for yourself
  • The importance of finding a mentor and outside help
  • How to create a solid, loyal, and productive team
  • How to build a following for you blog
  • Why it’s essential to give yourself time to reflect on your personal progress


Quotes From This Episode

“I’ve gone through all the harrowing experiences of falling down a crevice or slipping and getting myself hurt and can help other people find an easier way to make it.” —@MichaelHyatt

“[It’s important] to have an objective source, and older business person that can come alongside them and reassure them, because every leader I’ve ever met struggles with self-doubt.” —@MichaelHyatt

“I think much of what makes for a successful story is that the person who’s on the receiving end has got to be able to see themselves in that story so that they’re not simply reading a story about somebody else. It becomes, in a very universal and a very global way, their story.” —@MichaelHyatt

“Where people really connect is when we’re open and vulnerable and authentic and share the failures, the struggles as well as the success.” —@MichaelHyatt

“I think that one of the greatest gifts we can give other people is a safe place to be themselves and to be really honest with what they’re struggling with.” —@MichaelHyatt

“There’s just something about teaching or speaking from a place of lived experience that has authority and weight and creates trust, which is, I think, the foundation for doing any kind of business.” —@MichaelHyatt

“One of the most important things you can do is avail yourself of outside resources. Find a mentor, hire a counselor, do something, but don’t settle. You don’t have to be stuck. Being stuck is a choice.” —@MichaelHyatt