Pam Slim_InstagramFind Your Passion and Never Work Another Day in Your Life

Do you know what your roots are?

Do you have a clear understanding of your skill set and strengths?

Do you know what your deepest passion is and how to translate that into a career?

Pamela Slim helps individuals find their passions and create a fulfilling life pursuing them. Lucky for us, she’s happy to share her work with us today. She is the author of, “Escape from Cubicle Nation,” and “Body of Work.” She is also a speaker, consultant, career coach, and community builder.

Pam discusses the main steps to identifying what lights you up inside, how to plan a move into the work mode that suits you best, the importance of creating a community of support, and the inner freedom that comes from doing what you love.

As Park says, “it’s all about that American experience of going out and being that independent soul, but surrounding yourself with mentors. It’s about believing in yourself, bringing forward your roots, and really having an impact—the kind of impact you were meant to have in this world. Live into that freedom and that enjoyment.”

And for Pam, “I think my greatest joy in the world is connecting with people and building community.”

In This Episode

  • Why pursuing your passion can lead to a fulfilling career
  • How to dig deep down to determine your roots and skill sets in order to plan your future
  • Why there isn’t any one right way to work
  • How to find your natural motivation for your personal work mode
  • Why it’s important to maintain integrity at your current job even while developing your side hustle
  • How to create a positive and supportive network of mentors


Quotes From This Episode

“The way that I define body of work, for the book and just in general, is your body of work is everything you create, you contribute, you affect, and you impact throughout the course of your life.” —@pamslim

“Freedom is where you are clear and conscious. You’re taking concrete action toward creating a work life that really matches your natural skills and strengths.” —@pamslim

“I believe we all have some natural motivation. We have different rhythms. We have different visions for ourselves. We have different definitions of success. So, not everybody wants to have this super heavy, busy life where you’re making multiple millions of dollars. Some people, truly in their right kind of combination of work, just want to have enough work to have a happy life with their family.” —@pamslim

“When you really begin to leverage your natural skills and strengths and experience, with the things you believe in, that’s where things like laziness and procrastination, they go away.” —@pamslim

“I think how you do one thing is how you do everything.” —@pamslim (highlight to tweet)

“The enemy of forward motion and actually reaching your goals is vagueness.” —@pamslim

“I have never—in all of my years of meeting many accomplished, rich, famous, incredible people, and your average everyday person—nobody ever does everything on their own.” —@pamslim