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How to Thrive in the Era of Interactive Content

By April 21, 2016 No Comments

Aaron Dun - InstagramTransforming the Content Platform

With 15 years of experience technology marketing, Aaron brings a keen eye for how to successfully market to marketers through engaging and interactive content. He has become a skilled advocate for interactive content and its growing importance in the field, with the goal of getting more people into the funnel through engaging and rich experiences.

Many marketers struggle with the definition and application of “interactive content” for their customer base. Thankfully, Aaron comes equipped with real-life examples of marketers who cut through the noisy clutter of content to elevate the most ordinary of fields that, while important, fall outside of the realm of the stereotypical hip, cool, or edgy. He also presents a clear approach on how to incorporate interactive content throughout the sales funnel, maximizing ROI.

Aaron is ready, willing, and able to guide you through a 30-minute crash course in interactive content, its importance, and how to approach implementing it for your own use.

In This Episode

  • Why interactive content should be on every marketer’s radar
  • How a new era of content is leading to a major paradigm shift around customer engagement
  • The importance of prospect empathy in curating stellar interactive content
  • Why three-dimensional intersectional thinking around personas, content, and campaigns leads to an effective marketing strategy
  • Why sales doesn’t really want more leads and what that means for interactive content


Quotes From This Episode

“We’ve created this explosion, this overload of content that is making it extremely difficult for brands to break through the noise.” —@ajdun

“It’s really about disrupting the experience.” —@ajdun (highlight to tweet)

“A lot of content marketers have struggled with connecting their content into the sales funnel.” —@ajdun

“Interactive content really provides a way of creating an experience and, if you do it right, one that your prospects will want to engage in because they are getting something of value or having fun.” —@ajdun

“We believe interactive content can be very influential and helpful all the way through the funnel.” —@ajdun



What did you want to be when you grew up?

Coming from a family of firefighters, it’s no surprise that for a long time Aaron’s vision of his future involved a bright red truck. Even though he chose to put out a different kind of administrative fire through marketing, he maintains a tremendous amount of respect for the work firefighters do as they put their life on the line every single day.