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How to Keep Up With Changes and Growth in Influencer Marketing

By April 13, 2016 No Comments

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No, we have someone better: Holly Hamann. An absolute veteran and visionary, Holly has seen and knows it all. With vast amounts of experience, information, and statistics, she has seen how marketing has developed, and has a clear picture of where it’s going.  

In addition to emphasizing the buyer’s journey, she believes strongly in adapting skill sets, the importance of voluminous content, the benefit of understanding numbers, and the power of collaboration.

Holly’s company, TapInfluence (where Todd works!), is a revolutionary platform that helps you find influencers, shape your campaigns, and most importantly, measure your results. Aside from starting and managing an amazing company, Holly also is a public speaker and volunteer.

In This Episode

  • How to see and adjust to changes
  • Why it’s important to know your audience
  • Why marketers are getting bigger budgets
  • How to find measurable data
  • How to know your platforms
  • Why collaborations are best


Quotes From This Episode

“Thankfully, influencer marketing is measurable and that’s one of the things that’s exciting about it.” —@HollyHamann

“There are very distinct platforms that people go to depending on their behavior.” —@HollyHamann (highlight to tweet)

“Marketing technology is huge, which means marketers are now responsible for bigger budgets.” —@HollyHamann

“Marketers have less control over the messaging and it’s not just about content creation, it’s about content distribution. Consumers and B2B purchasers, they have a voracious appetite for content. We cannot get it fast enough and can’t build and create enough of it.” —@HollyHamann

“PR has always been about the conversation. It’s always been about capturing the attention, being a cohort, being a peer, and having a conversation and engaging and influencing. PR has always been about influencing.” —@HollyHamann

“Facebook will always be a popular platform for influence.” —@HollyHamann (highlight to tweet)



Would You Rather

Would you rather be four foot four, or seven foot seven?
I would rather be seven foot seven. Just from perspective.

Would you rather go without the Internet or a car for a month?
Oh, I’d rather go without a car.  

Would you rather be really ugly and marry a good-looking person? Or be really good-looking and marry an ugly person?
I would rather be an ugly person married to a beautiful person. I don’t know why.