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Everyone Has a Story to Tell

Michael Margolis is a globetrotting storyteller and a business storytelling legend.

His team at Get Storied are the experts on storytelling for disruptive and social innovation. They communicate world-changing ideas and help companies humanize and distill complex technical products or solutions.

Michael has created a cutting-edge, global learning community and resources to help individuals and businesses alike identify their true story and humanize their brands.

How can you apply the practices and principles of narrative thinking to your next pitch? To your next newsletter? Even to your internal transformational initiatives? How can you ignite excitement in the people around you, inciting them to tap into their own potential and the limitless possibilities of our current business landscape?

As Michael points out,

We go through life collecting experiences in order to have stories. If you’ve lived a life, you’ve got experiences. Everyone has a story to tell.

It’s really just a matter of getting started.

In This Episode

  • The currency of stories in business and life
  • The powerful possibilities of story
  • Three universal truths on why stories connect us no matter who or where we are in the world
  • Operational and organizational storytelling
  • Michael’s key structure of context, emotion, evidence


Quotes From This Episode

“Everybody has a story—that’s actually code for, ‘Everybody’s life matters. Everybody has something to share.’”—@getstoried (highlight to tweet)

“At the end of the day, you’ve got to tell a love story. You have to give people faith in the future, a story that reminds them despite the twists and turns, despite the changes and disruptions going on in their lives or going on in this business that there’s an opportunity or possibility forward.”—@getstoried

“I encourage you to present your story not as a forgone conclusion, but as an unfolding journey that you’re inviting people into.”—@getstoried (highlight to tweet)

“In a way, the spreadsheets were running the asylum. I felt like there was something about culture, about identity, about people that was missing. That was the tiger by the tail.”—@getstoried

“There’s something missing from the conversation, specifically around how we look at innovation, and even more specifically, innovation that’s social innovation, innovation that somehow involves the complexities of the human experience. That missing link is story.”—@getstoried