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How to Define Your Brand Position Through Story

By April 18, 2016 No Comments

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Make Your Story Stand Out

Michael Gass is celebrating his ninth year as the leading consultant that ad agencies and marketers call when they need a little help identifying their business identities.

And if you’ve been listening to the Business of Story Podcast, you will know that a brand’s identity is the story they live and work upon the world: the talk they talk and the walk they walk.

Michael’s consulting agency, Fuel Lines, helps agencies get their brand stories straight by identifying their rifle-shot position in the marketplace and helping them attract amazing new clientele and incredible accounts.

By understanding their positioning and clarifying what they specialize in, agencies, corporations, and solopreneurs can hone their inbound marketing with minimal risk, and bring in traffic and customers from around the world.

In This Episode

  • How to help your brand rise above the “cacophony of communication and competition”
  • How to clarify your core brand story
  • How to claim your rifle-shot position in the marketplace
  • How to use inbound marketing to attract a global network of clients—even as a solopreneur
  • How to create niche, off-site content, and marketing while minimizing risk


Quotes From This Episode

“We have a gluttony of content, everybody is now on the content bandwagon. Most of it is generic, unfocused, and non-targeted because most of the agencies are repeating what they were doing offline—they have no target audience.” —@michaelgass

“Agencies tend to want to be all things to all people in the hopes that they won’t lose any potential revenue channels but it’s exactly the opposite, especially in hard times—that you have to have a specific, rifle-shot position.” —@ParkHowell

“Most agency owners are a reflection of their brand. People want to work with people that they know, trust, and like and this accelerates that. This is its own self-vetting tool. Chemistry is very important to business development.” —@michaelgass

“Small agencies, the underdogs of the world out there, are getting a leg up on the competition from the power of storytelling, from understanding what their brand story is and how to live it as an agency.” —@ParkHowell

“Most agencies know where they need to be, but creatives hate positioning. They want do the botanical gardens, they want to do the zoo. They want the fun accounts, but most of those kinds of accounts aren’t what pay the bills.” —@michaelgass