Tyler Farnsworth_InstagramOpen Your Mind…

…and the rest will follow?

Well, yes!

Tyler Farnsworth is a titan of creative problem solving, and he’s capitalized on his riveting skill sets to great success. He believes in passion, making marketing exciting, thinking outside of the box, and mutually beneficial relationships built on trust and innovation.

August United is an influencer marketing agency that focuses on facilitating energized and impactful relationships between influencers and brands for mutually beneficial success. His experiences and insights on all things influencer marketing made him an amazing guest on this week’s show.

In This Episode

  • How to build trust for mutually beneficial relationships
  • How to engage in creative problem solving
  • How to keep yourself passionate about your process
  • Why it’s important to let you influencers be themselves
  • How to find unique solutions to maximize success


Quotes From This Episode

“We always like to try to look at how we can go one step further.” —@TylerFarnsworth (highlight to tweet)

“We’re working to showcase the value of quality relationships, quality content.” —@TylerFarnsworth

“I want to tell stories differently, and to help build trust between brands or organizations we have, we work with, and the people they serve.” —@TylerFarnsworth

“We love giving influencers direction and guidance, but then allowing them to have that creative freedom to create really unique things.” —@TylerFarnsworth

“What we see going wrong is when folks try to come in too heavy and have too much of the brand voice in the influencer’s content and not allowing their voice to shine through.” —@TylerFarnsworth

“Most of the time individuals aren’t taking that time to really create relationships.” —@TylerFarnsworth (highlight to tweet)



Would You Rather

Would you rather live one life that lasts a thousand years, or live ten different lives that lasts a hundred years each?
Wow. I think I would rather live one life that lasts a thousand years. You know, really build on it.

Would you rather be able to read, or be able to read minds, but be illiterate?
My goodness. I think I would rather read. Reading minds might get a little bit scary.

Would you rather be able to speak fluently every language in the world, or be the best pianist that ever existed?
No question about it, I would rather be able to speak fluently every language in the world. That’s something that I’ve actually wished time and time again, to be able to travel and talk to unique people all around the world.