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How the Right Team With the Right Vision Can Transform Your Business

By July 14, 2016 No Comments

Lauren Goldstein - InstagramContent That Solves Problems

There is such a drive to produce content these days that it’s easy to get lost in the weeds and focus only on the content at hand with hardly a glance toward what’s next.

However, in order to really move a business forward, its content needs to serve a purpose and solve a problem. This not only helps to make every engagement with customers a productive experience but will move them along through the sales funnel.

With over 15 years of experience, Lauren has the skills and knowledge to help B2B marketers recalibrate their content to be more effective and engaging. By focusing on problem-solving first, she has fine-tuned an approach to content marketing that keeps it not only entertaining and delighting (as content marketing should be), but incredibly productive and beneficial for both the business and the buyer.

She has helped businesses change the conversation and define the art of what is possible for their business buyer.

In This Episode

  • How visuals lead to fulfilling content
  • Why great content and storytelling means keeping the business outcome front and center in your mind
  • How marketing that is based on buyer insights and focuses on the bigger picture leads to positive ROI
  • Why bringing content to life means having a diverse set of viewpoints on your team


Quotes From This Episode

“If you’re going to be a great story-teller, then your content marketing needs to represent not just the story from a words perspective, but you need to bring it to life visually.” —@LaurenOnDemand

“Our goal for our clients is to help them connect and engage with buyers with a business outcome in mind.” —@LaurenOnDemand

“Content marketing, when done right, does drive ROI.” —@LaurenOnDemand (highlight to tweet)

“A company has to have a certain level of readiness in order to engage a partner or embark on it themselves.” —@LaurenOnDemand

“You need a lot of different perspectives—a full suite of team members—to bring a content-marketing strategy to life.” —@LaurenOnDemand

It’s lots of little ideas that are relevant to your different segments and let you win the day.” —@LaurenOnDemand (highlight to tweet)

“In our digital world, testing is a very invigorating thing that allows us to all be better every day.” —@LaurenOnDemand

“If we build content to solve problems that people have, if we build content to be engaging and make people want to share it with other people—whether you’re marketing some sort of an exciting consumer product or whether you’re marketing a hybrid Cloud solution—you’re still marketing to individuals, and you still have an opportunity to tap into their emotion.” —@LaurenOnDemand



What did you want to be when you grew up?

Lauren’s interest in storytelling started early on with her dreams of being a journalist. That was after she sadly realized she couldn’t grow up to be Wonder Woman, although she seems to have found a way to combine the two as a super content marketer.