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How Social Media Works When Your Fans Are Truly Passionate

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Eric Swayne - InstagramFans = Users = Customers

Being the largest importer of anime in North America comes with a huge fan base and a daunting host of responsibilities. Managing over 400 titles, attending 38 annual conventions, sending millions of emails, and engaging with a community that includes 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube all while seeking to expand your fan and media base can seem impossible… especially when your community gains strength and joy from user-driven initiatives that lie outside the realm of your control while still directly impacting your brand.

Amazingly, Eric and his Fan Engagement team navigate these waters with great success. They have found the formula to maintain just the right balance between actively managing their social community and indirectly enriching or supporting fan platforms when appropriate.

In This Episode

  • Why a responsibility to your customer base means flexibly engaging them wherever they are
  • How viewing your product from the point of view of your customers can lead to a paradigm shift for your brand
  • Why passionate fans mean a high BS meter
  • How license restrictions lead to creative engagement opportunities


Quotes From This Episode

“We are trying to create cultural movements around these brands.” —@eswayne (highlight to tweet)

“Fan engagement is a team that manages all of the touch points for where our brands meet our fans, not just social media.” —@eswayne

“We want to create vehicles for this content wherever fans want to consume it.” —@eswayne (highlight to tweet)

“We try to find the happy middle where our fans celebrate and work with this content and we get to do the same for them.” —@eswayne

“We can make any type of marketing make sense for anime.” —@eswayne (highlight to tweet)

“We are trying to immerse our fans in our brand from all these different touch points at once.” —@eswayne

“Email is one of the most underrated platforms for digital marketers.” —@eswayne (highlight to tweet)



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