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How Social Media Examiner Uses Social to Power Customer Experience

By April 5, 2016 No Comments

Erik Fisher - InstagramDoing Reps and Running Marathons

Social Media Marketing World, hosted by Social Media Examiner, is the world’s largest social media conference. Over the course of 3 days, 3,000 attendees hear from 100+ of the world’s top social media pros as they share their transformative ideas on social. It makes sense, given the expertise of the audience, that the team managing the social for this conference must be ready, willing, and able to engage with their customers on all channels, including platforms that are just emerging in the field.

So how does one interact on social with several thousand social pros?

For Erik, it’s all about training for the social marathon. He has a system locked in for pre-game, during, and post-game social that ensures every one of his 3,000 customers is taken care of in the channel of their choosing. He keeps an approach that is rigid enough to withstand the most torrential storms of social engagement while maintaining a degree of flexibility that allows them to adapt quickly and easily to new platforms as they emerge. Under his leadership, the world’s largest social conference has become one of the best for social pros near and far.

In This Episode

  • How “divide and conquer” leads to a more well-rounded social team
  • Why having a fine-tuned process for social engagement means being flexible enough to completely change platform priorities if needed
  • How practicing what you preach leads to a more authentic approach to social
  • Why having a social hit list prepares you for a better conference experience


Quotes From This Episode

“It’s paying attention to detail and trying to carry the torch of being service-minded in every single thing that we do.” —@ErikJFisher (highlight to tweet)

“You line them up in order of priority, check all of them in an interval, push the button, and then done. You’ve done your reps.” —@ErikJFisher

“We listen to all the pertinent top-of-mind and top-of-authority recommendations and best practices and implement them for ourselves.” —@ErikJFisher

“There’s never time to hang out enough with the people that are there.” —@ErikJFisher (highlight to tweet)

“Anything can be a time suck if it’s the wrong thing to be doing at that time.” —@ErikJFisher (highlight to tweet)

“Not everything is going to work on a personal scale unless you figure out what that scale really needs to be for yourself.” —@ErikJFisher (highlight to tweet)



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