Jonah Berger - InstagramThe Same (But Different)

Influence has gotten a bad rap as we associate it with being part of a faceless herd that does whatever the person next to us is doing. It pushes one to become a lemming or yet another cog in the machine. But the truth of the matter is that influence is everywhere and, frankly, can be quite helpful when its power is harnessed for good.

Jonah has had the opportunity to speak to hundreds of different audiences, a variety of different companies and organizations, and has consulted for everybody from big Fortune 500s to the small startups. He has become a bestselling expert on the science of melding marketing and psychology to positively increase your brand’s engagement and impact.

His approach to utilizing influence is customer-focused and rooted in science, so at the end of the day, you can be sure that you are offering a product that people need when they need it.

In This Episode

  • Why being the decision maker doesn’t mean you actually made the decision
  • How influence leads to both attraction and refusal
  • Why striving to be different means also being a little bit of the same
  • How improperly used influence can lead to negative associations for your brand
  • Why finding and understanding influence means looking in the mirror


Quotes From This Episode

“If you actually look at most decisions we make, other people have a huge impact on our behavior.” —@j1berger

“Influence is not just doing the same thing as others.” —@j1berger (highlight to tweet)

“Social media isn’t the first case where people want to differentiate themselves, but it’s provided some new and interesting ways to do that.” —@j1berger

“We don’t want to be just similar and we don’t want to be just different, we want to be optimally distinct, similar and different at the same time.” —@j1berger

“We don’t need to be different, but we want to see ourselves as different.” —@j1berger (highlight to tweet)

“Everyone realized that word-of-mouth was important. They just didn’t understand how to get it.” —@j1berger

“The availability of data—whether online or offline—has really allowed us to do much better targeting than we ever could before, much better focused messaging to specific individuals or specific pockets or communities that we know might be interested.” —@j1berger

“Be customer-focused rather than product-focused.” —@j1berger (highlight to tweet)



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