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How Following Your Bliss Can Lead to Better Business

By June 27, 2016 No Comments

Pat Solomon_InstagramLean into Your Journey

Are you following your bliss? Are you working on what you’re most passionate about? Have you been willing to let go of all of your comforts and fears to go after your biggest idea yet?

Pat Solomon was brave enough to do just that. A prominent commercial director, Pat finally decided to put his successful career on hold to pursue his dream project after both of his parents suddenly passed away. His arduous creative journey turned into the enriching and enchanting film, “Finding Joe,” a documentary exploring the works and philosophy of Joseph Campbell. He joins the Business of Story Podcast to discuss his process, share case studies, and reveal how great story structure equals great advertising.

Pat discusses how to determine the inner workings of major story arcs, how to keep the faith during difficult dealings, and why we are all drawn to a great narrative.

As Park says, “When you’re not using a story in this crazy world, you’re just not connecting.” After all, marketing is all about connecting.

And the biggest lesson of all comes from Joseph Campbell himself, as Park and Pat unpack his famous quote, “We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.”

In This Episode

  • How a deep understanding of story structure can help your advertising
  • How following your greatest passion can release business success
  • Why it’s all about the ups and downs of the journey
  • How we are all wired to understand our surroundings through story
  • How to keep moving when going through a creative rough patch
  • Why it’s so important to understand Joseph Campbell’s “Hero’s Journey”


Quotes From This Episode

Your brain is designed to accept and understand the world in terms of story.” —@findingjoemovie (highlight to tweet)

It really comes down to having faith in the journey.” —@findingjoemovie

“If it’s brought to you in a clear story, you’re able to understand exactly what it is that’s happening, and so those things stick in your mind more. You know, the better stories are the ones you remember.—@findingjoemovie

No matter how big the crisis, if you can find one little step to take, you can find a way out of it.” —@findingjoemovie (highlight to tweet)

It was the most amazing creative experience I think I’ve ever had. The whole film kind of unfolded in my head and I saw where all the points of the journey were. I could see where the dragon was going to go and how the interviews fit together. It was unbelieveable, that moment.” —@findingjoemovie

“When you take a step forward and you commit to your path, your bliss, the universe kind of matches you with a step forward.” —@findingjoemovie

The best moments along the way for me are the moments where I give to somebody, where I help somebody on their journey.” —@findingjoemovie