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How B2B Companies Can Rock FB Live Video

By May 31, 2016 No Comments

Michelle Dziuban - InstagramTossing Out the Teleprompter

The rise in popularity of live video has companies on edge. It seems to be unscripted, unpredictable, and generally dangerous for a brand’s image. The pressing issue du jour for B2B social teams is how to engage in this booming new medium while still maintaining the proper packaging for the brand’s messaging.

With a literal century of experience in the PR and marketing business, Cision has the luxury of perspective on this one and thank goodness Michelle is here to give us her POV and advice.

Unfortunately, that advice might strike fear into the heart of any cautious social professional because it is this:

Let go and embrace the unexpected.

That’s right. We are in the middle of a social media paradigm shift, my friends. One that involves moving away from a scripted social landscape to a wild west of off-the-cuff remarks, honest conversation, and putting the folks behind the scenes in front of the camera. Michelle shares her approach to successfully incorporating this wild card into a multi-channel social presence and offers tips to get you over your fears and on to the small screen.

In This Episode

  • Why a successful multi-channel social presence means keeping a focused mindset that is in line with your customers
  • How embracing live video leads to double-digit increases in reach
  • Why adding a new dimension to your social presence means revisiting existing content
  • Navigating the slippery slope of using social for broadcasting
  • How leveraging the power of social through employees leads to better qualified leads


Quotes From This Episode

“Every single thing that we do has a PR mindset.” —@dziubs (highlight to tweet)

“Whenever we have new content come out, we are always in the discussion of where things should go, how they fit, who are they going to reach, and how is our audience going to engage with them or with those pieces?” —@dziubs

“We’re not just going to do something just to do it. It has to have a purpose and be well planned out.” —@dziubs

“If you’re already producing good content, why not amplify it and make it live?” —@dziubs (highlight to tweet)

“People want to see you in action in your offices talking about your company, whether it’s a demo or tips and tricks of how to use your software or whether it’s just having a conversation or giving a tour, people really love that.” —@dziubs

“Livestreaming is intimate and it allows you to connect on a deeper level with brands that we couldn’t have before.” —@dziubs

“People don’t want to see just the logos. They want to see the people that are behind the scenes driving the brand.” —@dziubs (highlight to tweet)

“Social should be seen more as having a convo over a cup of coffee versus broadcasting that message out over our teleprompter.” —@dziubs



See you next week!