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How 3M Uses Daily Science to Maximize Social Results

By May 24, 2016 No Comments

Amy Lamparske - InstagramData Driven Social Success

3M is one of those pervasive companies that somehow manages to manufacture the majority of products you have in your office. From Post-it notes to stethoscopes and wrist braces to dish sponges, it is entirely possible that you use any one of their 19,181 US products every day.

Adding to this already impressive American presence the fact that two-thirds of their business is outside the US,  then you really begin to get an idea of the scale of 3M and its global impact.

But how do you even begin to create a social strategy when your products run such a wide spectrum and are sold to a truly global audience? How do you balance product sales, brand awareness, and local content activation?

With data.

By using a focused, data-driven approach to content and social strategy, Amy has created a unified voice for 3M across five different social channels while simultaneously curating content that will appeal to key stakeholders in each medium. This has also allowed her the opportunity to reach across the company and cultivate relationships that support the work of her social and content strategy, ensuring its long-term success.

In This Episode

  • Why success for a global, multi-faceted company means connecting dots across B2B, B2C, and consolidation of social
  • How driving media efficiencies leads to centralized and focused media buying
  • Why cultivating internal advocates means slowing down to speed up
  • How proactively using data to build a media and content strategy leads to more effective social media
  • Why content starts with communications


Quotes From This Episode

“It’s a lot of working together and collaborating worldwide and driving media efficiencies around the world.” —@amylamparske (highlight to tweet)

“The customer doesn’t care where we are internally. The customer just wants the most seamless experience.” —@amylamparske (highlight to tweet)

“We are creating global content from a high level while also enabling the regions of countries to create of a hyper local content strategy and activation.” —@amylamparske

“It’s an intentional motive to expose people to the breadth and depth of 3M and our entire product portfolio versus defining specific channels for specific products.” —@amylamparske

“We’re in the process of defining our journey maps, breaking that down by our business, and understanding key touchpoints across the journey.” —@amylamparske

“When we invest in paid media across multiple channels at the same time, we’re seeing significant media efficiencies and a halo effect across each of them.” —@amylamparske

“When you start getting content flowing in from multiple different directions, it’s much harder to have a cohesive look and feel.” —@amylamparske (highlight to tweet)

“The actual flow of what we publish and when we publish it comes down to the data.” —@amylamparske



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