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Hear Jacob Whitesides (and Bea Miller) Play an Acoustic Version…

By April 19, 2016 No Comments

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The first time Jacob Whitesides @jacobwhitesides) heard “Lovesick” he knew it was going to be on his upcoming album. “I wrote it with Alex and Mark from the band Magic!,” says the 18-year-old singer. “They sent over the song while I was in Connecticut and they were in L.A. It wasn’t completely finished but I really loved it.” Once he released the final track, Jacob decided to record a stripped down version of it to video, with girlfriend Bea Miller (@beamiller) on backup vocals. “It was a last minute thing,” he says. “I just got back from South America, so we hadn’t seen each other for two weeks. We were missing each other a lot so I flew to L.A., because she’s out there working on her album. She’s so talented and such a badass vocalist, and loves the song as well, so we just sat down and recorded it.”

––Instagram @music