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Follow the Yellow Fabric Road at Christo’s ‘Floating Piers’ To…

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Follow the Yellow Fabric Road at Christo’s ‘Floating Piers’

To see more images of Christo’s installation at Lake Iseo, check out the location page @The Floating Piers on Instagram.

(This interview was conducted in Italian.)

Lake Iseo, near Brescia, Italy, is glowing gold. “The Floating Piers,” a project from Bulgarian-American artist Christo Vladimirov Javacheff (known as Christo), opened one week ago. Marco Giovannelli (@marcogio59) was one of the first of 350,000 visitors to experience the yellow fabric road. “It’s a unique experience that allows people to travel a route that didn’t exist before,” Marco says. “There isn’t quite anything like it.”

The two-mile-long pathway was conceived by Christo and his late wife, Jeanne-Claude Denat de Guillebon, in 1970. The original plan fell through and the project was set aside, until it became possible for Christo to build the Piers and honor the love and partnership he had with Jeanne-Claude.