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Finding My Own Voice to Make a Difference, by…

By February 23, 2016 No Comments

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“#hellomynameis Anais Gallagher (@gallagher_anais). I just turned 16 and I live in London. I’ve always had an interest in photography; I think it came from people taking photos of me. I like to show bright colors in my photographs, and I’m looking for a really clear subject. My father is Noel Gallagher [from the rock band Oasis], so perhaps one would associate me with more outlandish photos. But I live life like a normal 16-year-old and I want my feed to show that — it wouldn’t be normal for me to just post photos of my dad! I like seeing what other 16 year olds are up to and having my own voice for the causes I work for, like animal rights and bullying. It’s helped me come to terms with the fact I do personally make a difference.

Tomorrow night I’m attending the Brit Awards and can’t wait to share what it’s like to be there!”