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Find Where in the World Your Best Customers Are From With Locations in Kissmetrics

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If you’re in the SaaS industry, you’re probably getting hundreds or thousands of sales leads coming in every month. And as we know, not all leads are created equal.

Some leads may be more ready to buy than others, some may have little interest in ever purchasing, and others may just want to poke around in your product until the trial expires.

With all these leads coming in from all over the world, how do you know which ones are the best?

Kissmetrics has taken another step towards helping marketers better understand where in the world their best customers are coming from.

Where Are Your Best Customers From?

Visitors to your site are probably coming from countries all around the world. Some of them convert into customers, others never will. Knowing which countries don’t convert can save you ad dollars and your sales team some time and agony.

Kissmetrics already shows you which backlinks are driving signups, but we haven’t previously showed you how Kissmetrics can show you where your best traffic is coming from. Here’s how to do that:

Let’s say you’re the Director of Marketing for a medium-sized SaaS company. It’s your job to drive leads. You’re given a moderate budget to allocate towards paid campaigns.

Since you want maximum results for your campaigns, you want to know not just where your best leads are coming from (traffic sources) but also where in the world they’re coming from. Is the traffic coming from Australia the highest quality? And what about all the traffic from Iceland? Do those leads go anywhere?

To get this data, you set up the Kissmetrics Funnel Report and look at your funnel. Here’s what it looks like:


Here’s what we’re looking at:

  • Visited Site: The number of people that visited the site during the selected date range.
  • Signed up: The number of people that signed up for a trial.
  • Activated Product: The number of people that began using the product.
  • Billed: The amount of customers that paid for the product after their free trial ended.

You’re getting a good amount of traffic to your site, and about an average conversion rate. Most of the people that signup at least try the product, and about 20% of them end up paying for it.

Like any funnel, there’s always room for improvement.

To improve this funnel, you want to refine the traffic coming into it. You’re thinking there might be certain countries that send traffic but not customers. To find this out, you segment your funnel by KM Country.


This will breakdown all traffic by its originating source. So all visitors that came from the United States are put in that bucket, all traffic from Germany in the Germany bucket, all the people that visited from Brazil are in the Brazil bucket, etc.

We’ll select this option and get our data:


We’re not looking at all the countries that send us traffic, just the top 7. Taken together, these countries account for nearly 90% of total traffic.

Throughout the funnel, we can see that there are two countries are sending us traffic but not customers. We get a little over 2,000 people from Australia visiting the site, signing up, and using the product, but none of them ended up upgrading to paying.

Phillipines have a similar story. We get a small amount of traffic from this country, but only 4 signups. And of those 4 people, none of them even began using the product.

On the other hand, Germans seem to love our service. While only about 1% of traffic we get from that country actually ends up paying for the product, that is more than double than what we from the United Kingdom, India, and Canada.

How These Insights Can Change Our Marketing Strategy

With this data, we can make decisions that will improve our marketing. Here’s what we should change:

  • Turn off any ads that are displaying in the Philippines. Any paid traffic coming from this country hasn’t brought us any revenue.
  • We don’t need to remove Australia from our target, yet. But we do need to get to the bottom of why we didn’t get a single customer from this country during our selected date range. It’s easy to find these customers in Kissmetrics.
  • Germany has the highest conversion rate by far. If we can keep getting targeted traffic from this country to our site, we should be able to continue to convert about 1% of them into customers.

This is part of the process of building a more efficient and effective marketing machine.

By reducing the number of bad leads to our sales team, we building a more efficient and effective marketing machine. Our sales team will be talking with more qualified leads that are actually interested in using and purchasing our product.

Use Location Across Kissmetrics Reports

This location feature isn’t just available in the Funnel Report. Use it in the Cohort Report when you want to see which countries have the highest visitor retention. Try it in the Revenue Report to see which segments of the world have the highest value customers.

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You’ve just seen one small way Kissmetrics can have a big impact on your marketing.

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About the Author: Zach Bulygo (Twitter) is the Blog Manager for Kissmetrics.