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Fighting to Breathe with Caleigh Haber #MyStory is a series…

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Fighting to Breathe with Caleigh Haber

#MyStory is a series that spotlights inspiring women in the Instagram community. Join the conversation by sharing your own story. To learn more about Caleigh, follow @fight2breathe, and if you’re in the United States, register to be an #organdonor via @organ_ize.

“#MyStory is about fighting to breathe. It’s about surviving and making the choice to live.” —Caleigh Haber (@fight2breathe), a 25-year-old organ donor advocate from San Francisco. “I was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at birth, but I grew up very healthy — participating in gymnastics, cheerleading, track and anything else I could convince my parents to let me do. As I got older, my disease began to progress, and in 2014, I was listed for a double lung transplant. Two years later, I was called with an available donor and underwent the biggest challenge of my life — receiving deceased donor lungs.

“Since my transplant, I’ve met many people with my disease through my online community. They often ask how I’m able to remain so positive, and I truly think that being positive is a choice. If I want to live, there’s no alternative.”