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Exploring the Golden Age of Hip-Hop with Craig C. Tha Artist To…

By May 18, 2016 No Comments

To see more of Craig’s work, check out @craigctheartist on Instagram. For more music stories, head to @music.

“I started when I was 5 or 6. I would try to draw guys with big rope chains and Kangol hats. It was all self-taught. I never took art class or anything like that. It’s just been trial and error and looking at certain artists. My style now, some people call it Afro-centric. I don’t have a certain name for what I do. I just do it. I get ideas listening to music. I was listening to Biz Markie and was like, ‘Man, I have never done one of Biz before.’ I did a tribute to J Dilla. I did a DJ Premier piece and he ended up reposting it on his page. I am a hip-hop fan, so it blows me away when people who I looked up to as a kid say they love my work now.

When I hear music, I can see color. If I am looking at a blank canvas and listening to something laid back like J. Cole or Drake, I can see purple. If I am listening to something upbeat, I can see red. Whatever the pattern of the beats are, that’s how my hands are flowing on the paper.” –– Craig Carter (@craigctheartist), a 35-year-old artist from Houston. Craig does a little bit of everything: portraits of musicians, murals, sketches. As he likes to say, he keeps his hands moving.

––Instagram @music