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Enter the Magic: @luccico’s Illustrated Photos Reimagine Turin,…

By April 2, 2016 No Comments

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(This interview was conducted in Italian.)

In Luciano Cina’s (@luccico) rendition of Turin, Italy, whales swim in puddles, horsemen fight against tower cranes and mummies are talented rhythmic gymnasts. “I like to inspect small details that might seem almost normal or be taken for granted,” the illustrator and product developer says. “I play with those details to subvert the reality and create these little worlds.” He’s drawn chicks onto a manhole cover and transformed the Porta Susa train station into a piece of sushi with a giant pair of imaginary chopsticks, but there is one structure Luciano is especially drawn to: the Mole Antonelliana, Turin’s most iconic building. “Everyone is attached to this Turin symbol. There is even a legend that says that no building should be taller than the Mole. My dream is to turn the Mole upside down!”