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Documenting Destinies Changed with Arthur Bondar To see more…

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(This interview was conducted in Russian.)

“I heard a lot about the Second World War from my grandmothers,” Arthur Bondar (@arthurbondar), a Moscow-based photographer from Ukraine, says. “When one of them passed away, I realized she was in the generation who saw the horrors of war with their own eyes. My other grandmother read a letter she wrote during the war. It described everything that was happening.” This letter was the impetus for Arthur’s book, Signatures of the War, a project documenting the destinies changed by war.

Arthur met with 70 World War II veterans who each have their own unique story and cherished photographs. “When I was listening, I imagined them young and full of energy, they had just begun to live,” he says. “At the end of our talk, every veteran autographed their photo, but in the same moment they left a mark on the photo, they also left one in my heart.”