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@david_mcleod Makes Hypnotic Videos with Everyday Substances To…

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@david_mcleod Makes Hypnotic Videos with Everyday Substances

To see more of David’s mesmerizing texture art follow @david_mcleod on Instagram.

David McLeod (@david_mcleod) doesn’t need to touch a texture to play with its properties. After studying computer science and graphic design, he taught himself how to use a computer to simulate everything from sand and fur to glossy bubbles. But the real magic comes from the way David casts these textures in hypnotic video loops. “Things are perceived in a different way once they are put into motion,” says the digital artist, who relocated to New York City from Sydney, Australia. “There is also a lot of trial and error involved in getting the right result,” he adds. When tweaking a computer-generated substance, David experiments with scientific properties as well as how our brains respond to the movement of objects that are squishy, plush and everything in between. “Recently I’ve been having fun simulating some stretchy gum-like materials. There’s a bit of a pareidolia effect in play — where for a moment objects or faces seem to appear in the randomized form. It’s a little like looking up at the clouds.”