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Creative Freedom at #PFW: @naominailsnyc’s Bold Nail Art To see…

By March 11, 2016 No Comments

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Nail artist Naomi Yasuda (@naominailsnyc) moved to New York from Japan eight years ago to learn the most cutting-edge techniques. The big surprise? Nail art hadn’t caught on in the US. “Nobody was doing what I was doing in New York at the time,” Naomi says. Soon, her disappointment shifted to excitement — she recognized an opportunity. “At first, I did have some struggles as I couldn’t speak any English and I didn’t know anybody. I printed posters and flyers and went all over the city putting them up.” Today, partially thanks to Naomi, nail art is no longer uncommon, but she continues to elevate it to uncommon levels. For the Kenzo (@kenzo) show at Paris Fashion Week this season – Naomi’s seventh time working with them – she designed the lavender nails with tiger prints and blue nails with tiny irises. “Humberto and Carol, the designers, give me complete creative freedom,” says Naomi, who once did Blue Velvet nails for a David Lynch-inspired Kenzo show. “They are always open to my crazy ideas.”