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Clinique UK’s #ImIn, Costa’s #MyMorningHasBroken And Land Rover’s #Hibernot

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Twitter Trends
We’re loving the social media campaigns this week. Brands are running a slew of contests, and we thought featuring a few of them will entice our readers into entering them. This week, we have Clinique’s #ImIn, Costa’s #MyMorningHasBroken and Land Rover’s #Hibernot, and they’re all challenging Twitter users to be bolder than ever. Plus, a few more Twitter trends to be aware of. Read on!

Clinique_UK’s #ImIn Challenge

Clinique UK is giving Twitter and Instagram users a chance to win one of three amazing experiences. Anyone bold enough to take on these challenges is being encouraged to use the hashtag #ImIn on Twitter and Instagram for a chance to win an experience, which includes hot air balloon ride, husky sledging, or a makeup session with for two.
The beauty brand have collaborated with beauty bloggers who have shared their experiences on their website, and on Twitter.

Are you in?

Costa’s #MyMorningHasBroken

Costa Coffee is helping us make our mornings bearable. The coffee shop chain is asking Twitter users to Tweet them any time something upsets our morning routine. Perhaps, you have a flat tire or you’re stuck in tube delays. Costa Coffee will try to bring a smile to your face if you Tweet them with the hashtag #MyMorningHasBroken. The campaign comes in an effort to promote their new all day breakfast bloomer, but that’s not all. They’re also rewarding Twitter users with gift vouchers to “Fix their mornings”.


A fine way of upping the ante on Twitter campaigns. Mornings are usually broken!

Land Rover’s #Hibernot

Land Rover is trying its best to get the world out of its warm cocoons and discover the beauty of winter. In a campaign called #Hibernot, the car brand is asking Twitter users to see “winter differently”. To entice us further, Land Rover UK has collaborated with different influencers to show us what the cold season has to offer. But if you’re in Canada, you can also enter Land Rover Canada’s competition and get a chance to stay at the luxurious log chateau located midway between Montreal and Ottawa.


Time to embrace the cold, perhaps?

And In Other News:

Twitter announced today that they’re making changes to their customer service offering. Businesses and customers now have easy access to each other with Twitter adding a call to action button in a Tweet for easier transition to Direct Messages. Read more here.
– Coffee brand TrueStart has held a 5-second #OfficeWorkout competition on Twitter, encouraging users to get fit and healthy at work. The coffee is specifically designed for sports performance, hence the encouragement for people to exercise while at work. The best ones will win a jar of coffee, so if you fancy sculpting the guns or firming the buns then you have until 5pm to get your entry in.

House of Cards has been one of the first Twitter accounts to test Conversational Ads on Twitter. For the upcoming season of the hugely popular show, they’re asking their Twitter fans to Tweet their support for #Underwood16 to receive a thank you from Frank Underwood. Nice one, Netflix!