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Celebrating World Giraffe Day with Marie McGrory To see more…

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To see more giraffes from Marie’s collection, follow @closedeyegiraffe on Instagram.

“Hundreds of people can draw the same thing from memory and the results are so very different,” says 26-year-old Marie McGrory, the Washington, D.C.-based photo editor behind @closedeyegiraffe. For the past three years, Marie has been asking people all over the world to perform a simple task: draw a giraffe with their eyes closed. “The response I get most often is, ‘I can’t even draw with my eyes open!’ But they are usually pleasantly surprised by the result,” she says. Marie started drawing with her eyes closed in high school as an exercise to capture a different perspective — and take the pressure off perfection. She believes giraffes are the ultimate subjects: “I can’t imagine a person on this planet that doesn’t think giraffes are cool or beautiful or interesting or totally weird or all of the above. Every time I look at one of the drawings, they make me smile, and I think we need more of that.” #WorldGiraffeDay