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Celebrating World Emoji Day with @emojimasks To see more Emoji…

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Celebrating World Emoji Day with @emojimasks

To see more Emoji Masks, check out @emojimasks on Instagram.

It all began with 🌝. “The cheeky look on its face makes us crack a smile every time it comes up,” says Christian, the 30-year-old owner of @emojimasks, a small business that produces exactly what you think it does. Launched in 2014, the idea behind Emoji Masks was simple: give people a uniquely goofy way to express their love of emojis away from their phones. Turning them into masks, though, was a little tricky. “How hard can it be to make a great mask?” asks Christian. “Well, it’s actually not that simple. It took a lot of trial and error — mask too thin, too thick, eyeholes in right spot, design. But we got it right in the end!” 😃 😎 💩 #WorldEmojiDay