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Celebrating Resilience with Jacob Tobia Throughout the month,…

By June 9, 2016 No Comments

Throughout the month, we’ll be collaborating with GLAAD (@glaad) to share #PridePortraits, visual stories about love, family — and what makes the LGBTQ community on Instagram proud. To learn more about Jacob, follow @jacobtobia on Instagram.

“What makes me proud is the resilience of my community, and the resilience of trans and gender nonconforming people all over the world,” says 24-year-old writer, performer and advocate Jacob Tobia (@jacobtobia). “We face a lot of obstacles to be who we are. And so often, the stories that people focus on about the trans community are about trauma or neglect, of hurt or of pain. What inspires me and what makes me proud to be trans are the stories of strength. Genderqueer and non-binary people are on a whole different playing field in terms of how we’re talking about gender. We can live in a world where people are allowed to transcend binary gender. And that is more creative, dynamic, expressive and exciting, right? That’s where I want to live.”