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Celebrating Ramadan with Mustaali Raj’s Daily Animations To see…

By June 16, 2016 No Comments

To see more from his #30DaysOfRamadan series, follow @mraj on Instagram.

“I wanted to do something that educates people and makes them understand Ramadan a bit better,” says 28-year-old graphic designer Mustaali Raj (@mraj) of his latest project, #30DaysOfRamadan. This month, the Calgary native is sharing a daily animated illustration, inspired by his personal practice. “There are themes I take from my day that I try to translate into the post,” he says. Each illustration also incorporates the Arabic numeral for that day of Ramadan; the sun rising and setting here represents day one. “I like the subtlety of it,“ Mustaali says. “If people notice, they’ll appreciate it, and if they don’t, it’s still a nice visual element.”