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Celebrating Easter with @wolfordroger’s Egg-Cellent Carvings To…

By March 27, 2016 No Comments

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Roger F. Wolford (@wolfordroger) is one person who will not be dyeing eggs this #Easter. Some of the eggs he artfully carves, like those from an emu, are already naturally colored and perfect for his designs. “They’re dark emerald-green on the outside, lighter green in the middle layers and almost white at the last layer,” the 44-year-old Illinois native says. As Roger chips away at the shell, he’s able to render scenes from nature in startling detail. “I actually use a dental drill,” he says. “The same high-pitched sound you hear in the dentist’s office is what goes on in my shop all day long.” He prefers to work with eggs that come from larger birds — ones that would hold quite a bit of chocolate if the Easter Bunny got his paws on them.