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Celebrate Meryl’s Birthday with a @tasteofstreep To explore…

By June 22, 2016 No Comments

To explore more of Samantha’s crazy creations, follow @tasteofstreep on Instagram.

Today is Meryl Streep’s 67th birthday. How better to celebrate her than to Photoshop her likeness onto a birthday cake? Or avocado toast. Or chicken soup. “It really comes down to what inspires me in the moment. It could be a photo of her I haven’t seen before, or a snack that I’m craving,” Samantha Hoecherl, the 26-year-old actor who runs @tasteofstreep, says. It all started when Samantha posted a picture of Meryl Streep’s character from Mamma Mia! — Donna Sheridan — balancing on a pizza on her personal Instagram account. Her friends loved it so much that Samantha decided the world needed @tasteofstreep on a regular basis. Nearly 150 pictures of Meryl and treats later, she has this to say to the movie star: “Thanks for all the movies — the art, the truth, everything.”