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Carlsberg UK Is Giving Away Free Seats And Samsung UK Asks #WhereIsWoolly

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We’re pretty sure that we’ll see some Tweets around Friday, the 13th by brands, but in the meantime, let’s talk about the campaigns that are doing the rounds this week. Carlsberg UK is running a Twitter contest to give away UEFA Euro 2016 prizes, Samsung UK is asking us #WhereIsWoolly, and Walkers Crisps is testing our word game knowledge every day. Plus, we’re back to tell you what team Audiense is reading. Look for this, and more Twitter trends in our weekly round up.

Carlsberg UK’s #SubMeOn

If you’re a football fan and looking forward to the UEFA championships, you’re in for a treat. Carlsberg UK’s latest campaign #SubMeOn saw them asking unsuspecting members of the public to give them a few minutes. Some agreed, most walked away. Watch in this video what happens to those who gave Carlsberg some face time.

They also had Chris Kamara substituting tube seats for football seats!

To translate that on Twitter, the beer brand is giving Twitter users the chance to win some Euro 2016 prizes.

Get Tweeting!

Samsung UK’s #WhereIsWoolly

Samsung UK is promoting its newly launched washing machine, AddWash with a competition that will make Twitter users hunting for a wool sock. The campaign titled #WhereIsWoolly asks you to look for the sock either in their video or on the website.


In need of a spanking new washing machine? Play #WhereIsWally, oops #WhereIsWoolly for a chance to win!

Walkers Crisps Gets Wordy!

Walkers Crisps is running a Twitter competition for a chance to win a holiday! The campaign is called #SpellAndGo letter hunt, and saw the crisps brand putting out clues over the course of three days to encourage participants to keep their eyes peeled.


They’ve also teamed up with Tesco to give lucky customers who buy a promotional pack of Walkers Crisps an unexpected holiday – all done in the bagging area of the supermarket!

Are you p l a y i n g?

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