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Capturing Art in the Dark with Dance Photographer Andrea…

By June 16, 2016 No Comments

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For Andrea Mohin (@andrea_mohin), capturing dance is “like sports photography in the dark, only you don’t know the game.” Whether she’s taking pictures of a tap troupe, a flamenco dancer or the prima ballerina mid-grand jeté, the New York Times (@nytimes) staff photographer says she often senses her subjects’ moves in advance. “You have to be really sharp. You have to listen to the music and try to be part of the rhythm of what is occurring in front of you,” she says. Andrea’s favorite moments are when dancers look suspended in the air, a recurring theme in her feed. “When I shoot an entire program, we can only publish one to three pictures, so I wind up with a whole stash,” Andrea says. “Now I can let other people see what I’m seeing.”