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Calm in the Chaos with @asmitaparelkar To see more of Asmita’s…

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For Asmita Parelkar (@asmitaparelkar), photographing quiet, everyday scenes is a way of reminding herself — and us — that stillness and calm still matter. “So many of us are constantly busy these days,” Asmita says, “it’s easy to get caught up in the energy of a place like Mumbai, where I live. Finding moments where everything is still, or an animal is being itself, or sunlight hits a building and transforms it — for me, trying to capture that is almost like meditation.” Ultimately, Asmita finds inspiration for her work in the same place that people have always found relief from urban stress: the natural world. “Even if it’s just photographing a tree outside my window or a dog or cat in a pool of light on a sidewalk, I can get energy from that brief interaction.”